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Improvements For The Second Comic

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Improvements For The Second Comic

Post  Madscotsman on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:04 pm

Well, we got some things right in the first comic, and some things pretty damn wrong. So I have a list of improvements for the second comic:

1. Have more characters from GNQ in the comic.
In the first comic the main GNQ characters were mainly me and Sean, the other GNQ characters were on the sidelines most of the time. This caused the other "PMC" characters to have a slightly larger role in the story. Not that this is bad or anything, but this is a GNQ comic. So we need to feature more GNQ characters.

2.Attach proper hats to characters.
Hat posing is a pain in the ass and is time consuming. However, we recently found the Bone Merger tool. Which simplifies the process of posing hats and saves time. It also welds the hat onto the model for good. Some gmodders use this for machinimas to make TF2 characters more unique and make posing hats easier.

Here's an example on how it works.
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3. Less first person Screenshots.
This was one of the biggest mistakes in the comic. Like sean said in another topic, this can cause confusion. We will try to avoid this in the future and only do it in rare cases.

4. Avoid the infamous "Good america vs Bad Russia" cliche.
We all don't want this do we? We do plan to have some kind of serious war, but thats a secret. Anything regarding the Dizobine's future is secret too.

5. Make maps for specfific scenes.
Me and Sean considered the possiblity of making maps for scenes in differents parts of the world such as the philipines. Most gmod maps are made for building or gamemodes. They're isn't a lot of Machinima maps out there. Element may perhaps help us make some simple maps, but he's busy with a entry map to a TF2maps contest. So he won't be able to help much in this comic. Me and sean have some experience making maps. While I can get a simple map running, Sean can do a lot more.

That's all I can share. Ask questions in sean's topic here.
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Scotty. =3

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